My chosen brief

I have chosen to create a short film as I think it is the task I am most suited to. It will allow me to create a story of my own and I can do something that I want to do. I also think I will be able to achieve this and expand on my skills from last year. I was an editor and a DOP last year so I have played more than one role in previous tasks. This means that I can develop these skills as well as gain new skills. I sometimes struggled with my group as we all had different visions for our task, however with this task I will be able to translate my vision on to the screen and really work with what I want to do. I aim to create an innovative, well-made product that stands out from everyone else.

I did not think that the other tasks would suit me as none of them spoke to me. I’m not passionate about music and had no desire to create a music video. I also did not want to do advertisements as it would not allow me to be as creative and focus on story. The trailer does not appeal to me as it would not be editing existing footage, but would require me to make my own footage for a film that does not exist.


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