There are a few errors within the video. When the footage starts, the camera is too shaky. This looks unprofessional and I need to change the angle so that there is no shake. There are other issues with audio, where I need to fade it out more as the clip ends. Some transitions also need improving and finally there is a spelling error of ‘Director’ in the credits. Other than that I think that the short film has come out quite well.

poster 2

This design is different to my original mock up of the poster. In my first idea I had a large group of people as the background which makes it seem to the audience that they could be part of it, and that I was asking everyone if they were happy. However, I decided to go with a dying flower as my final piece. I think this works perfectly as its literally a visual representation of this film.

Poster draft

Shot list

1 – Int. – Camera is directly in front of the subject (medium shot) who is placed in front of a black background. There is no movement from the camera.
2 – Int. – Handheld cam is used to the right hand side of the subject, still in front of the same black background. Close up. These two shots are filming the same thing and are being cut between each other and it will cut back to this between the other footage. Audio continues over entire film.
3. Int. – Handheld cam medium close up of subject in bed.
4. Int. – Handheld cam long shot of subject in bed
5. Int. – Handheld cam behind and to the right of the subject whilst she looks in the mirror. Medium shot.
6. Int. – Handheld cam to the right of subject sat at desk. Medium shot.


I copied this shotlist over from Google Docs. There are only a few shots as a lot of them will be repeated. I will be intercutting the first two shots between each other and all of the other shots that I am planning. The order also might change in the edit based off what the interviewee says in the footage. I also have created a storyboard in order to get a visual representation of this.



Due to the nature of my short film (it being a documentary) I can not really produce a script as I do not know what will be said in the interview. So instead of a script I have decided to plan the visuals of my short film through a shot list and a story board. They contain the same shots but it gives me an idea of what I am going to include in my short film. This is not the exact order that it will appear in the film. I hope to intercut the two interview shots (the first two on the storyboard) between all of the other aspects of the film. I will also be adding a black screen with statistics showing up in my film at some points. This would be difficult to show on a story board so I instead just showed what shots I am planning to use and I will switch them up and re use some in my final piece.

Story board


I have been able to improve the footage significantly from the first time I shot it. In the initial attempt/test there were many errors. The lighting was very poor, the camera quality was bad and the things people were saying were unfocused and kept being interrupted. This time around I made sure that I got everything right. I ensured everyone was quiet when filming, which wasn’t always possible but I did the best I could, I made sure that the lighting worked well and that the camera quality was up to standard. This planning allowed me to product footage of a far higher standard than I initially had. I still have footage I need to film however I think that by following what I did last time and tweaking the set up even more I can produce some great footage.